Not all changes are listed here. Only those who impact gameplay or are considered major changes are included. There is no "full list of changes" published.

Version History

1.8c 2014-12-01

  • Note: Not compatible with Leader pack DLC, disable in Steam
  • Forgot to include readmes in last update
  • Updated cloth library

1.8b 2014-11-25

  • Note: Not compatible with Leader pack DLC, disable in Steam
  • Removed a temp.xml from /ChildrenOfStorm_Rivermod/. If you got 1.8a just remove that file and you're fine.

1.8a 2014-11-25

  • Updated for FE:LH 1.8
  • Note: Not compatible with Leader pack DLC, disable in Steam

1.7a 2014-7-24

  • Updated for FE:LH 1.7
  • Note: Not compatible with Leader pack DLC, disable in Steam

1.6a 2014-5-11

  • Updated for FE:LH 1.6
  • Note: Not compatible with Leader pack DLC
  • Fixed issue with Rusty Move being available to too many champions
  • Champion Rusty no longer starts with Rusty injury, no longer has +1 move unique trait at level-up
  • Added Primal_Savage's /A_LHLIB_ClotheLootFix/ which should fix the bug where clothes appear in the loot window after combat, even though you get other items

1.5a 2013-12-8

  • Updated for FE:LH 1.5

1.4a 2013-11-10 (update by jeffqyzt2)

  • CoS is now compatible with DLC 4 (the Undead DLC), thank you Derek Paxton! The only DLC it is not compatible with is now monsters and heroes from DLC 02 (quest DLC).
  • This update is largely brought to you by jeffqyzt2 since my GPU has broken down. He stepped up and did the work on this update to make sure that the mod works with FE:LH 1.4.
  • 50+ new champions in /ChildrenOfStorm_Champions/ from the CoS factions, all made by jeffqyzt2. They are present in all champion tiers and all factions should now have their own champions.
  • 7 new unit designs for Frost Giants by jeffqyzt2
  • New items added to the Reliquary by jeffqyzt2: #125Warrior's Skull, #126 Necromancer's Skull
  • CoS champions now come with a soundpack as well as having the expected +1 crit chance
  • CoS Sovereigns now come with the expected +1 crit chance. Remake your own custom old sovereigns to have them get it
  • Drota special improvements on horse/warg resources now have the correct tooltip to their effect
  • Gnome faction ability Rude no longer mentions Influence
  • Note: The CoS Undead faction has had some internal changes to be compatible with the DLC for Undead. As a result, you must delete all old CoS Undead unit designs and sovereigns. If you don't, they will play with the DLC Undead bloodline instead of the CoS Undead bloodline.
  • Vetrar's Howl no longer causes terrain change as a result of using this mod
  • Champion Orkoth no longer has a mace that deals "Blunt" damage (remnant from FE), now appropriately deals normal damage
  • The background unitstat library now properly overwrites AI-only unit designs (new file: CoreAIUnits.xml)
  • The background unitstat library now properly summons "summoned" versions of monsters in some token/scroll cases. Effects that create new units that aren't "summoned" no longer use the phrase summon in the description.

1.3c 2013-09-23

  • Fixed issue where new custom Frost Giant sovereigns would have 15 hitpoints and 75 accuracy, now have the intended 20 hitpoints and 80 accuracy
  • Fixed the Golem faction's Iron Golem unit getting double bonuses from its bloodline trait
  • Fixed this mod breaking Fear so that it only lasted 1 turn instead of the intended 3
  • Frost Giant sovereign Hofund now appropriately counts as Female
  • Angel champion Gahad now appropriately counts as Male
  • Centaur champion Madu and Chaos Legion champion Zojad no longer counts as Sovereigns
  • Golem-only Crumbling injury now says it is called Crumbling in description, previously Repelling Essence
  • Gnome-only Dishonored injury no longer reduces "faction prestige", instead reduces army's spell resist by 5
  • Fixed a 10 second delay when a Wolfman unit would use the Doublestrike ability

1.3b 2013-09-04

  • Added support for Loot Pack DLC

1.3a 2013-08-22

  • Fixed issue with elvish and gnomish Hedgewall and Fort upgrades not providing the right militia when city is attacked
  • Fixed slight animation delay when Electroalg were attacked
  • Fixed certain monster champions not having the appropriate Allegiance
  • Kasst now appropriately counts as a Monster, not a Humanoid
  • Fixed all new sovereigns and champions to have the appropriate 80 Accuracy and 20 Hitpoints, previously 75/15. Custom sovereigns will need to be re-made.
  • Frost Giant's Cloak of Hierarchy for Ancestors now says 6 men in the description (previously 9)

1.2c 2013-07-29

  • Centaur Charge now costs 10 mana, previously 6
  • Nightsister now has the appropriate female sounds
  • Fixed a bug where Golem champions would be unable to learn rank 5 of any spellbook
  • Fixed an issue where the Deathforge spell could not be dispelled from a city properly when playing a faction (Undead) with the faction bonus Undead Forge
  • Fixed Gibbai monster lair having a black square icon on cloth map

1.2b 2013-07-13

  • Frost Giants' Icegrip ability changed to 1 range, previously used weapon's range
  • Fixed some Reliquary units that had 0 attack

1.2a 2013-07-06

  • Edit: Frost Giant special mounts now cost the appropriate 4 resources instead of 5
  • Updated for FE:LH 1.2
  • Updated for Quests DLC pack. Note Quests DLC monsters and other units "count" as nothing at all
  • All Living Stone now count as Elemental
  • All Frost Giants now count as Oversized
  • Frost Giants may now ride Wargs as well as Icebeasts and Dire Bears (so frost giant heroes for other factions can still gain a mount)
  • All faction-specific mounts now cost +12 Production (previously 0)
  • Cleaned up the Chaos Legion evolution buffs so that the list in the trait tooltip is accurate. Can no longer gain Lightning attack, instead can gain Fire attack
  • Fixed an issue preventing Frost Giants from losing 50% of their current accuracy when attacking Warriors or Assassins
  • Fixed an issue where Frost Giants paid for only 1 unit member when upgrading armor and weapons (now pay the expected 1+300%)
  • Removed text from Frost Giants faction ability Cloaks of Hierarchy tooltip that said you can't upgrade cloaks, this was changed in FE:LH and you can (and should) upgrade the cloaks now.
  • New bloodline abilities implemented:
  • - Angels - Divine Touch - Target suffers an Arcane attack equal to 2(+1 per level) multiplied by troopcount of Angel unit. Any unit that counts as Demon or Undead suffers double damage (triple damage if both are applicable). Cost 12 mana. If resisted deals no damage. 1 range.
  • - Centaur - Charge - Charge through enemies in a straight line, dealing damage equal to your attack to any in your way. 12 mana cost. 4 range.
  • - Chaos Legion - Changing Breath - Does a random effect to target unless target resists. While effect is in play, cannot use Changing Breath on same target again. Possible effects: Lose next turn. Poisoned for 2(+1 per level and +1 per Death Shard) Poison per turn. -10 Physical Attack resist. -33% of current Spell Resist. -2 Initiative. Effects last 5 actions. No mana cost. 1 range.
  • - Drota - Sticky Web - Target unit suffers -1 Moves for 4 actions. In addition, target has a 100% chance to lose next turn if it has a Bow or Crossbow equipped. Ranged staffs and other ranged weaponry does not count. This ability can be resisted. Does not stack with itself. 4 mana cost. 4 range.
  • - Elves - Preparation - Unit passes this turn. Unit gains +10 Accuracy and +10 Spell Mastery. In addition, all physical attacks will ignore 20% of target's Defense and the mana cost of any spell cast is reduced by 20%. These bonuses only applies to any action performed in the unit's next turn. No mana cost. One cast per battle.
  • - Frost Giants - Icegrip - Perform a normal attack on target. Target's Dodge is set to 0 for 3 turns. Can be dodged. 10 mana cost. Uses weapon's range.
  • - Gnomes - Runesign - Unit gains +50 Spell Resist until the end of its next turn. 10 mana cost.
  • - Golem - Soulbreak - Perform a normal attack on target. Target's Spell Resist and Fire/Cold/Poison/Lightning resist is reduced by 10% of their current value for 10 turns. Spells cast by target costs 10% more mana. This ability stacks with itself. Can be dodged. 10 mana cost. Uses weapon's range.
  • - Living Stone - Flame Tongue- Does 2 fire damage per level to the victim. This damage is multiplied by the troopcount of casting unit. No mana cost. 1 range.
  • - Lizardman - Vengeful Blow - Strike target with Race: Elemental for two normal attacks. Cannot be used against other targets. Can be dodged. 5 mana cost. Uses weapon's range.
  • - Undead - Sacrificial Death - Perform a normal attack on target. If target is killed gain mana equal to target's level. Can be dodged. No mana cost. 1 range.
  • Tier 2 bloodlines:
  • - Gorgon - Hypnotize - Target has 50% (- 5% per own level + 5% per caster level) to lose its next turn. Can be resisted. 8 mana cost. Range 3.
  • - Demonshrill - Embers of Fire - Needles of fire shoot at an enemy for for 6 (+2 per level) fire damage. This damage is halved if the victim resists. Damage not multiplied by troopcount. 8 mana cost. 6 range.
  • - Shrillguard - Ice Shards - Shards of Ice shoot at an enemy for for 6 (+2 per level) cold damage. This damage is halved if the victim resists. 8 mana cost. 6 range.
  • Shadows, Halfdrakes and Wolfmen gain Dual Strike as a placeholder. Starfarers gain no ability as a blood weakness. Expect Halfdrake and Wolfmen monsters to be significantly stronger as a result.

1.1c 2013-06-20

  • Added elf unit designs from Gid73
  • Fixed Born in Blood trait only giving health regen first turn, now gives for whole combat
  • Fixed Reliquary item Earthshakers' Shockwave ability not showing up in Spells list, also renamed it Free Shockwave for clarity
  • Removed all Gildar costs associated with building Forges on the new rivertypes
  • Fixed issue where Lizardmen units cost 5 production per member too much
  • Fixed issue where Shadow and Chaos Legion pioneers cost 3 Shadows/Demon Souls each but no population. Now cost appropriate 30 pop and 3 special resource.
  • Removed Scarstone from Chaos Legion Pioneers and Scouts
  • Reinstated Reliquary item Immovable Artifact
  • Reinstated Reliquary item Fate's Reaper
  • Reinstated Reliquary item Gnomeking's Helm Mok-az
  • Fixed an issue where Wolfmen and Demonhound monsters were missing a trait that made them untameable
  • Fixed issue where Frost Giants could ride many other mounts besides the two they were supposed to be limited to: Dire Bear and Icebeasts
  • Fixed issue where Colopatiron, the Angel sovereign, could ride any mount
  • Added new unit design for Lizardman juggernauts so the AI can build them
  • Reworked Centaur faction ability Frontrunners. Centaur sovereigns no longer starts with an extra pioneer unit. Now provides 3 free Frontrunner Tokens that can be used to train one pioneer with 1 turn training at start of game. In addition, each Grain controlled provides the faction with +0.01 Frontrunner Tokens per turn.

1.1b 2013-06-09

  • Removed mention of blunt/cutting resistance from Golem-specific injury Repelling Essence
  • Removed mention of blunt/cutting resistance from Shadow-specific injury Uncontrollable Solidification
  • Removed mention of blunt/cutting resistance from Undead-specific injury Brittle Bones
  • Fixed Living Stone unit design ability Living Metal not working when struck in battle
  • Fixed hitpoints on drota champions being 6 base instead of 15
  • Fixed a burning lands tactical map where one of the attacking units would (very rarely) start inside a chasm pit the unit could not escape from - Thank you sparrowscry
  • Fixed issue with angel and drota bloodlines granting +moves when player controlled a certain amount of shards. The issue was that they would get +2 moves when over the limit, instead of the intended +1
  • Removed reference to Influence in Gnome faction trait Rude
  • Boosted the Drota faction trait Meateaters - faction now gains +45 food from horse resources and +25 from warg resources (previously 35/15)
  • Reworked Shadow faction trait Shadowforged armor. It now reduces Metal cost of weapons and armor by 50%, and reduces upgrade costs by 50%. Previously it also: reduced production cost of all equipment by 50%, and reduced Crystal cost of all equipment by 25%, and prevented access to Weaponsmith and Armorer improvements.
  • Added new faction trait to all Elven sovereigns (remake custom sovereigns if you have any): Empathy - Elvish sovereigns do not cause battle experience to be split as a result of being in the same army as another champion. Rewrote Companion champion to fit.
  • Added new Elven faction weakness: No Spontaneity - Critical Chance for all units controlled by faction reduced by 50% of current value
  • Added new Centaur faction bonus: Frontrunner - Faction starts with a Pioneer unit (requires custom centaur sovereigns to be remade)
  • Reduced the cost of the Endless spell (sovereign history) to 4 cast time, 30 mana (previously 5/40)
  • Fixed an issue where, if you had the _Champions module installed but not _Factions, Frost Giant champions would not have the "Towering Lords" weakness trait
  • Fixed an issue where, if you had the _Champions module installed but not _Factions, Chaos Legion champions would not receive many of the random bonuses when they should have in battle
  • Chaos Legion bloodline now provides the unit with two random buffs instead of the previous single one. If the same effect is chosen twice, it will only be applied once.
  • Changed some of the random buffs for the Chaos Legion bloodline, generally to be slightly weaker but also more dependable. The random effect at the start of battle can no longer heal the unit, and it can no longer damage the unit, and it can no longer cause the unit to lose its first turn
  • The Quick sword now provides infinite counter-attacks and nothing else

1.1a 2013-06-06

  • Updated for FE:LH 1.1
  • Players can now purchase replacement horse bodies for centaur sovereigns/champions in the shop. This is a visual upgrade only.
  • Removed the clipping on the back of the horse for centaurs using heavy barding
  • Fixed issue with new monster lairs where they would display a black square in cloth map mode
  • New lvl 3 Kingdom champion: Azti the Shrillguard
  • Halfdrakes got +4 defense from their first "move" trait upgrade, is now +2 and their second upgrade now grants +2 (previously +0)
  • Added Hergon mounts for Lizardmen
  • Changed tooltip of Demonhound mount to state that "this mount cannot be bought in the shop for heroes" (instead of "cannot be ridden by heroes") since it can't be bought, but it can be found as loot.
  • Lizardmen bloodline now causes -20 cold resistance, previously -10
  • Fixed an issue with Undead bloodline giving +50 physical attack resistance, now gives +10 as a "new" boon (undead bloodline was underpowered on paper, overpowered by bug)
  • Fixed an issue with Undead bloodline where they suffered -25 to Bonus Experience stat, now -0

1.0d 2013-06-02

  • Fixed Elves unit design ability Master of Arms tooltip
  • Fixed an issue that made the Cloaks of Hierarchy available for Frost Giant heroes while playing Frost Giants
  • New monster hut tile designs for Landsharks, Crustaceans, Electroalc, Deserthorns, Gibbai, Faeries, Darkwasps, Kami, Vampignon
  • Removed Duke the Wolf lord quest, was a temporary file that I did not make but forgot to remove after troubleshoting

1.0c 2013-06-01

  • Updated Wooden bracers tooltip to not reference blunt and pierce damage
  • Fixed Golem pioneers costing 99 pop, now appropriately costs 33

1.0b 2013-06-01


  • Added custom traits for drota/centaur/gorgon/halfdrakes/demonshrill/angel/frostgiant heroes, but only to give them extra moves for now. They are really crippled without the ability to ride mounts for extra moves, so they can now get +1 moves by getting the new traits. This is a balance-in-progress, because how they obtain extra moves is different from the standard heroes. The traits provide additional bonuses, not just +moves. This is also a part of making different races play different Paths differently.
  • Reduced +moves from Dire Bear mounts to 1, previously 2
  • All faction-specific mounts are now available for custom sovereigns for 1 point. Icebeasts and dire bears can only be ridden by Frost Giants, and Plaguebeasts by Undead. Mounts that cannot be ridden by Champions (Shadow drakes, Demonhounds) are not available.
  • Dstaurmim now counts as Undead (in addition to previous modifiers monster/dragon/oversized/immortal/flying/not alive).
  • Added back robe for Skeleton King (visual change only)
  • Drota bloodline no longer mentions +3 poison attack twice in tooltip
  • Fixed issue that prevented Halfdrakes from getting +0.25 defense per level
  • Removed a bunch of references about blunt and cutting attack from the game
  • Fixed a Lizardman injury that could be suffered by Ovoz that gimped his defense considerably
  • Fixed issue that prevented Lizardmen from getting defense from their bloodline. Now gain +0.25 Defense per level
  • Fixed Golem pioneers costing 3 population, now costs 33
  • Fixed issue where Logging camps could not be built on forests in the new burning lands and arctic terrains
  • Fixed issue where following spells could not be used in new burning lands and arctic forest terrains: Vetrar's Howl, Raise Land, Curgen's Volcano, Bloom of Twilight, Birth of Summer, Arcane Monolith
  • Fixed issue where Wolfmen monsters and recruitable Wolfmen would not have the appropriate Bloodline unless ChildrenofStorm_Champions was also installed
  • Fixed issue where Immunity to Fear would not work properly
  • Golem unit design trait Drake bond reworked, now Warboar bond
  • Implemented spell modifications from Stormworld:
    • - Drain life deals half damage against units that are Not Alive
    • - Bloodcurse is 50% less efficient for Hexed casters
    • - Soulburning deals 9 extra damage against Hexed units
    • - Protection from Fire and Protection from Cold only give 25 extra resistance (instead of 50) to Hexed friendlies
  • Following Reliquary items had their level requirement lowered:
    • - Shield of mirrors: 10->7
    • - Cloak of Different Colours: 15->8
    • - Possessed Mace: 10->7
    • - Shield of Many Fates: 10->6
    • - Soothsayer's Cards: 6->2
    • - Hourglass of Ages: 10->7
    • - Helm of Shadows: 9->5
    • - Burned Witch: 8->4
    • - Sword of Nightmares: 15->8
    • - Demonslayers: 8->6
    • - Indestructible Gauntlets: 12->6
    • - Symbiote: 6->3
    • - Blightring: 4->0
    • - Confusing Flower: 3->0
    • - Dunewalker's Cloak: 6->3
    • - Bound Cold/Death/Fire: 8->5
    • - Bonesword: 5->2
    • - Threesword: 6->2

1.0 2013-05-31

  • Added in most of the Reliquary (disabled some items that don't make sense with new mechanics)
  • Moved the 20 events from Reliquary to new module ChildrenOfStorm_Events (disabled 3 that don't make sense in LH mechanics)
  • Fixed new monster recruitment sources costing influence, an unused resource
  • Fixed typo in gnome bloodline
  • Added in race-specific Injuries from Stormworld for fantasy champions. Example: Angel champions can suffer the injury Greed - Champion steals 1 Gildar per turn
  • Fixed an issue that made it so Eternal Resurrection did not prevent injuries
  • Added new skeletons with better off-hand locations for dual-wielding
  • Removed ugly grass from corrupted rivers
  • Fixed issue where custom sovereigns made from the new factions in this mod would have incorrect units at the start of a game (you need to re-make any sovereigns you made)

0.4 2013-05-30

  • Fixed Living Stone bloodline giving +33 initiative, should be -1
  • Fixed Living Stone faction ability Inorganic Sustenance so that it now appropriately reduces grain in cities by 2
  • Fixed Frost Giant dire bear mount having the wrong skin
  • Fixed Drota sovereign Stormlord missing 9 hitpoints, now has the 15 base
  • Fixed one instance of an empty building appearing in the city build list

0.3 2013-05-30

  • Added in most champions from Stormworld, reworked for FE:LH. 26 level 1 champions, 8 level 3 champions. Each champion has the same chance to appear as vanilla champions (in Stormworld these were more likely to appear)
  • Fixed Centaur unit design trait Misogynist so it no longer mentions blunt and cutting attack
  • Reworked the Hex mechanic. The hex trait, if suffered, now appears in the General trait tree. It is lifted through a normal level-up by selecting a counter-trait, but the character must fulfil the "special circumstances" or the counter-trait will not be available for picking.

The next version will be 1.0, meaning all content should be ported from Stormworld to CoS then. Specifically, currently missing is the Reliquary. Due to its size, it's going to take me maybe a week to do that.

0.2 2013-05-29

This is a changelog for those of you coming right from Stormworld for FE:

Major differences between Stormworld and Children of Storm:

  • - Different modules are no longer dependant on other modules. Instead, there are now two categories: Required and Optional. All actual in-game content is contained in Optional modules. Required modules contain content that is only active on demand by an Optional module. A player with only Required modules and no Optional contents would be playing the vanilla game.
  • - Arcane attacks are no longer reduced in strength by Spell Resist, meaning it has no counter other than Arcane resistance


  • - Greenskin faction removed
  • - All bloodlines have been significantly reduced in power and given placeholder abilities
  • - Minor changes to all sovereigns to balance for new game
  • - Angel transcendance spell no longer requires life2, now always available
  • - Dwarves no longer replace bows with Crossbows
  • - Death Legion renamed Chaos legion
  • - Chaos Legion unit trait Corruption: Physical Fortitude reworked, now provides physical resistance, dodge or initiative (previously different types of physical resistance)
  • - Elven unit design Master of Arms reworked to give bonuses to weapon abilities (previously bonus to pierce type attack only)
  • - Frost Giants no longer count as Immortal
  • - Frost Giants can now upgrade their cloaks of hierarchy
  • - Frost Giants can no longer utilize Wilding camps
  • - Frost Giants no longer have the Axe Mastery faction trait
  • - Golem faction no longer gains extra strong militia units
  • - Golems now count as Genderless (previously all Male)
  • - Golems now have access to faction-specific mounts; warboars and armored warboars. They can no longer use drakes.
  • - Living Stone unit design ability Umberdroth bond now reduces physical damage taken by 20% (previously 33% of all blunt damage)
  • - Lizardmen special sovereign trait Dragonkind was moved to the faction instead of the sovereign, and no longer spawns a Dragon Cave world resource. Instead, faction may build special improvement that creates dragons once the Dance with Dragons tech is researched.
  • - Lizardmen spell Blood Sacrifice now reduces target city growth by 50% for 50 turns (previously reduced faction prestige)
  • - Lizardmen sovereign profession Endless reworked. Previously it enabled the sovereign to randomly gain new lvl 1 spell traits. It now unlocks a spell, 5 strategic turn cast time, 40 mana cost, with the following description: The caster gains a random new apprentice magic school (fire/water/earth/air). If the caster already has the randomly selected magic school, there is no effect. Can be repeated until the caster has all 4 schools.
  • - Shadows no longer gain faction prestige from completing quests, and can no longer recruit empire champions
  • - Undead now count as Undead (new unit category) and Not Alive
  • - Undead spell Eternal Resurrection no longer causes the target champion to be unable to learn new spell traits at levelup

Faction mounts have been re-balanced to the following (all mounts provide immunity to going prone):
(Basic Horse: +2 Moves, +2 Att/Ini first turn)
(Warg: +1 Moves, +2 Ini)

  • Living Stone: Umberdroth: +2 Moves, +2 Ini, -5 Dodge
  • Golem: Warboars: +1 Moves, +1 Ini. +4 attack and +2 Moves first turn in combat
  • Golem: Armored Warboar: Extra cost: 2 metal. +1 Moves, +1 Ini, +3 Defense. +2 attack and +1 Moves first turn in combat.
  • Chaos Legion: Death Slag: +1 Moves, +10% Attack. Army has no movement penalty in Swamps.
  • Chaos Legion: Demon Hound: Extra cost: 1 Demon Soul. This mount is for non-champions only. +2 Move, +2 Ini, +20 Spell resist.
  • Elves: Deer (Black/Brown): +2 Moves, +4 CombatSpeed, -2 Hitpoints
  • Undead: Dark Skath: +3 Critical Hit chance, +10% to Critical Hit damage, +1 Moves
  • Undead: Plaguebeast: Extra cost: +2 mana. May only be ridden by Undead units and Champions. +3 Poison attack, +1 Ini, +2 Moves
  • Shadow: Shadow Drake: This mount is for non-champions only. +2 Moves, +15 Dodge
  • — Frost Giant mounts come in two versions: one type that can be bought in stores for champions, and another for unit design that has the same stats but also make the unit count as Oversized
  • FrostGiant: Icebeasts: +1 Moves. 20% Chance to re-roll attack if first melee swing misses (does not work for weapons with Backswing)
  • FrostGiant: Dire Bear: +20 Dodge against ranged, +2 Moves.
  • Lizardmen: Drakes: +2 Moves. rider to ignore 25% of armor when fighting other mounted units
  • Lizardmen: Mire Slags: +2 Moves, +33 Poison resist, +2 Ini
  • Lizardmen: Stalker: +20 Accuracy when attacking any Beast unless rider counts as Beast. +1 Moves, +2 Ini
  • (Gnomes and Angels do not gain specific mounts due to their faction traits, and it is not relevant for centaurs or drota)

0.1 2013-05-25

Uploaded v0.1 which includes the monsters and the rivers from Stormworld. Please let me know of any oddities.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License