These events have a 1 in 1800 chance of occuring after the player passes turn 125. The chance is 1 in 1000 if you are playing with extra events and 1 in 3600 if you are playing with fewer.

Age of Rust

Background: Your miners are reporting a strange occurence taking place in your metal mines. Ore nodes that were previously thought viable have turned out to be practically useless. The metal looks like it has rusted even though there's no dampness or oxygen nearby. It is as if the metal has been corrupted somehow, or suffered from some kind of infection. The following years will come to be called the Age of Rust by your population.

Effect: For the next 24 seasons your Metal income is reduced by 100%. Your current Metal stock is unaffected. Your current weapons and armor are unaffected.


Background: A hidden cult of religious fanatics have performed several attacks on annual gatherings between your most ingenious researchers. None survived the attacks, and the assassins even comitted suicide after their treasonous acts. By studying their scripture you were able to determine that they believed the Cataclysm were God's Judgement on all. Therefore, to remake the world to fit your own society was the greatest sin to them.

Effect: It will take time to replace the researchers. For the next 25 seasons your research is reduced. It starts out being reduced by 50%, then that negative modifier is changed by 2% every season (50% then 48% then 46% and so on) until it is completely gone after 25 seasons.

Breach into the Reliquary

Background: Rumors spread across the lands that a group of thiefs have managed to overcome the security of the Reliquary and escape back into this world with a number of items. They quickly fell to infighting and now make their own separate ways in this world. They control fierce monsters and it will not be a small matter to take them down.

Effect: Three Reliquary Thiefs have entered the world. Hunt them down to take their treasure!

Curzen's Meteor

Background: Curzen's Meteor is returning into orbit around the Elemental world, burning in the skies for several years until it passes on. As long as it is nearby, all those who bend fire to their will find it unusually easy to do so.

Effect: For every 2 Fire Shard powers you control, you gain another 1 Fire Shard power. This effect lasts for 16 turns.


Background: Every few thousand years, a Deathstorm appears. There does not appear to be any reason for it appearing although the philosophers have not tired of trying to understand it. It moves randomly through the world and anything touched by its rain is instantly killed - except natural objects like trees and grass. The Deathstorm ravages the countryside for a while then disappears. It is by right one of the most feared occult events in the Elemental world.

Effect: A Deathstorm is now in the world. It covers a tile and occasionally moves. It cannot be defeated in battle and if it touches a city the city will be destroyed. The Deathstorm lasts up to 100 turns, then fades away. Its departure may be hastened by strategic damage spells, and you may also use those to try to control its movements. There is no reward for defeating or surviving the Deathstorm.

Dstaurmim, the Undying

Background: In the 97th year following the Cataclysm Dstaurmim, the Hope, fought with men against the monsters of the wastes. One of the last dragons, he had sworn to protect whatever life remained in the world. Together they went into the dark places of the world, finding hideous beasts but also rich treasure they split equally. He was betrayed by the men he fought with, who sought him out in his lair when he slept and ambushed him. So great was his anger that the gates of Death could not hold him. Dstaurmim has now returned to the world, more spirit than flesh, and seeks vengeance for his passing. Although the men who killed him are long since dead, Dstaurmim's time in the afterlife has shattered his mind and he now strikes out against all living things.

Effect: Dstaurmim the Undying is now in the world. He is very dangerous, but killing him grants a trophy and a Reliquary item.

Endless Night

Background: Something has disturbed the orbit of the moon! It is now positioned in such a way that your lands have fallen under the shadow of an endless eclipse.

Effect: Growth in all cities has been reduced by 300%. All cities lose 1 Grain. Both these effects may lead to population loss in your cities. The duration of the event is unknown, but your astronomers tell you it shouldn't last more than a few years. Both Growth and Grain returns to normal after this.

Enter the Fae

Background: A combination of the waxing moon and the recent turbulence in the world of Elemental has caused the Fae to act in ever increasing amounts. Too clever or quick to be seen, their little deeds can only be noticed indirectly by observing the population. The Fae are mischievous at heart, and will use their glamour and powers of persuasion to cause chaos just for the fun of it. They'll whisper in the ears of husbands and wives and children and soldiers alike to set their minds on tasks most foul, and none may fail to heed their call. It is as if your soldiers have woken into another world, so different do your villages now seem. Your power is all but evaporated as the population take to dancing and laughing and nogoodery.

Effect: For 16 turns, all your cities suffer +75 Unrest.

Feedback loop

Background: A disaster has occured! An unknown Edge Wizard has mastered the flow of magic and has learned how to control all the shards! He is now gathering all the magical power in the world into his own body - a process he is unable to stop. It is only a matter of time until his body gives out.

Effect: Mana income is reduced by 100%. All Shard Powers are lost. Essence is reduced by 1 in all cities (does not remove enchantments). These effects last 16 turns.

Golden Age

Background: Your recent exploits in the arena of Elemental has inspired great minds in your cities! Several highly intelligent scientists have formed a special guild accessible only by the most brilliant amongst the population. Its express purpose is to further the technological advancement of your society. In turn, this has inspired others to think outside their ordinary limits. The spirit of free thinking brings many benefits to your lands, and the following years will later come to be known as the Golden Age.

Effect: You gain +100% Research and +3 Faction Prestige. These effects last for 16 seasons.

Howling Winds

Background: From far up north comes the deadly Northern Winds. Every year they rise in winter times and then calm down in time for spring. Something has disturbed their normal cycle, and now it seems that they only rise and rise until all of Elemental is howling in the wind.

Effect: For every 2 Air Shard powers that you control, you gain another 1 Air Shard power. This effect lasts for 16 turns.


Background: Lately you have been plagued by nightmares when you sleep. You dream of a time yet to come when your lands face stagnation for seven years, to be followed by a time of bountiful harvests and prosperity for 7 years. Your seers have analyzed the dreams and confirmed that it is indeed a prophecy of the future. They suggest you take immediate action to prepare for the coming calamity.

Effect: For 21 seasons, nothing will happen. After that, you will suffer -100% Growth in all cities and -25% income from Crystals, Metal and Mana for 21 seasons. After that, you will gain +100% Growth and +25% income from Crystals, Metal and Mana for 21 seasons.

Stormy Seas

Background: The usually calm seas of Elemental are in an uproar! Vast waves line the horizon and immensely strong currents fluctuate, pulling away and then towards the continents. Meanwhile, the winds have grown completely still. Any sane person would stay on land in times like these. But there is an upside to this debacle - the Water shards are simmering with power.

Effect: For every 2 Water Shard powers that you control, you gain another 1 Water Shard power. This effect lasts for 16 turns.

Surge of Power

Background: A mysterious event is increasing the magical occurences in the world. Reports come from all over the land of the dead growling in their graves, brooms that sweep floors on their own accord, windows and doors that won't stop slamming even when there is no wind. And yet, this is as nothing compared to the shards - they are overflowing with energy!

Effect: All Mana income is increased by 100% for 16 turns.

Tectonic Shift

Background: A vast earthquake shakes the ground as great underground tectonic plates are shifting. Fortunately, none of your cities have been affected. However, the vast physical forces unleashed are causing the Earth Shards to glow with power.

Effect: For every 2 Earth Shard powers that you control, you gain another 1 Earth Shard power. This effect lasts for 16 turns.

The Burning Man

Background: The Burning Man is a humanoid ever-burning entity that seeks the destruction of all things. Before he became the Burning Man, he was a witch hunter named Lucius. Lucius spent his days finding witches where there were none to be found, and without his knowledge he had become more feared by the farmers than the witches he seeked to burn. Lucius believed that the fire would burn away all sins. One day, Lucius happened upon a real witch that he attempted to burn. Alas, witches do not burn as well as humans do, so when Lucius stood next to the fire reciting his holy texts to supress the witch, the witch stepped out of the fire and threw him into it, shouting \"Now YOUR sins will burn!\".

Effect: The Burning Man is now in the world. He is very dangerous, but killing him grants a trophy and a Reliquary item.

Vengeful Dead

Background: The Elemental world is covered in battlefields with the unburied dead. Recent fluctuations in the balance between Life and Death magic has caused them to come back to life, seeking vengeance for their poor treatment after dying.

Effect: Skeleton armies have spawned all over the world. Some carry Reliquary items, but more importantly they really want to kill you.

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